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Friday 22.01.21

Friday 22nd January 2021


Morning challenge/ letter formation

Watch the video labelled 'morning challenge - ' o '   (The video is below this timetable)

Use the green work book in your learning packs to practise writing the letter ' o'




Please ensure your child follows the Phonics lessons daily. This will support your child to read. In Reception, they need to learn Set 1 followed by Set 2. Please click on the link and watch the lesson virtually. Each day, a new sound will be added.


The Video's will be live from 9.30am and will last for 24 hours.


Focus - 

Set 1: b

Set 2: ee



Daily task -

  • to hold a pencil and practise letter formation
  • to write your name
  • to speak in full sentences


L.O: To write a short sentence

To describe Goldilocks. 

-Recap the story of Goldilocks, can you remember the story and the actions?


Watch the video under this timetable, it will explain todays task. 


Today you are going to write a simple sentence using 3 or 4 words. 

- Have a look at the sentence you wrote yesterday. Can you make it longer by adding a describing word? such as: The blue dress. 

- Have a go at this sentence or try your own. 


Challenge - 

- Can you write a sentence to describe the bears? such as: A big bear or The sad bear. 


The word 'the' is one of our tricky words, so your child should know how to read and write this word. If your child is struggling to write the second word in the sentence, they can write the sound it begins with E.G: d for dress.


Maths (AM)

L.O: To find the total of two amounts

- Create number simple number sentences yourself  

1. Pick a number off the number track 1-5. draw that many dots.

2. Pick another number 1-5 and draw that many dots. 

3. Explain that to find the answer we must add them altogether.

4. Write them down as number sentences including the + and = symbols.

such as . . .. . = . . . . .

- Talk through each number sentence using the correct vocabulary 

                     such as " 3 add 2 equals 5"  or "2 plus 3 is the same as 5"

- Use yesterday's sheet 4 to help you think of ideas.


Key words- Add, plus, count, altogether, total, equals, is the same as, 


You can also complete this online game all about adding to 10.

P. E




Press the P.E links below, they will show you videos to practise key P.E SKILLS. 

They are great skills for your child to practise.

These are skills that children are expected to be able to do at age 4-5. 

You could watch the videos to practise these skills and then create an obstacle course around your house or outside that involve these skills. 

This weeks skills are:





morning challenge- 'o'

English. Goldilocks sentence writing

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