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Friday 15.01.21

Friday 15th January


Morning challenge/ letter formation

Watch the video labelled 'morning challenge - ' t '   (The video is below this timetable)

Use the green work book in your learning packs to practise writing the letter 't'




Please ensure your child follows the Phonics lessons daily. This will support your child to read. In Reception, they need to learn Set 1 followed by Set 2. Please click on the link and watch the lesson virtually. Each day, a new sound will be added.


The Video's will be live from 9.30am and will last for 24 hours.


Focus - 

Set 1: g

Set 2: air



Daily task -

  • to hold a pencil and practise letter formation
  • to write your name
  • to speak in full sentences


L.O: To retrieve information from a text

Use the story map and actions to retell the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. 

Please use this time to practise speaking in full sentences. 

- Discuss what has happened in the story. 

- Talk about the story by answering who, what and where type questions.

Who is in the story? What has happened? Can they tell you about key events within the story. Where did the story take place?

- Did they like the story, what did they enjoy, can they re-tell?

Maths (AM)

L.O: To find the total of two amounts

Watch the video below to find out about todays task and sheet. 

Use WEEK 2. sheet 1 from the maths pack. 

So far this week you have used practical resources to practise adding such as pasta or cereal. Now we can try and use objects that can not be moved. 

- Complete the sheet by counting the dots altogether and drawing the final amount or writing the matching numeral. 

Remember- If your child needs more practise you can complete the activity using objects. 

Key words- Add, count, altogether, total,



Complete these just dance routines. 

Children should remember these from their PE sessions in school. 

Parents can you join in to?


Here are some Yoga videos for children. 

These are great for relaxing before, after or in between learning to give your child a break. 


Morning challenge - t

Maths. addition. week 2 sheet 1.

Goldilocks story map

Just dance.

You can find many more on YouTube

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