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laughWelcome to St Joseph’s Breakfast Club

We hope that lots of you will join us in the mornings for a healthy breakfast and a fun start to the day.

Time - Breakfast Club runs every morning from 8.00am - 8.45am.

Place - Takes place in the school hall where your child will enter the Breakfast Club through the side entrance to the hall.frown

Activities - We have a wonderful collection of toys and games including a Wii and laptops. For those who prefer quiet we have lots of drawing/colouring books and we also have a wonderful craft table, table top toys and help and support for homework and reading.

Staff - Your Breakfast Club supervisors are Mrs Topping and Mrs Sarwaar and the children are also looked after by qualified and current members of St. Joseph's staff who ensure they have an enjoyable time before starting school.smiley

Price - The cost is £1.00 per session which can be paid daily, weekly or monthly.

Breakfast - We promote healthy eating and have a wide selection of cereal, fresh fruit, toast and yogurts to choose from.

What can I do if I want my child/ ren to attend?

Please fill in the expression of interest form and then the registration form available on the website and return to the officeyes

Monday KS1 Multiskills 1-2 3.00-4.15 Miss Bell Sports and Arts Hall
Tuesday Gymnastics 3-6 3.00-4.15 AFC Fylde School Hall
  Hockey 3-6 3.00-4.15 Miss Bell Sports and Art Hall
Wednesday Football 3-4 3.00-4.15 Miss Bell Sports and Arts Hall
Thursday Yoga 1-2 3.00-4.15 AFC Flyde School Hall
  Football 5-6 3.00-4.15 Miss Bell Sports and Arts Hall
Friday Netball  3-6 3.00-4.15 Miss Bell Sports and Arts Hall
  Tri Golf  1-2 3.00-4.15 Absolute Futball School Hall



Every Lunchtime for year 5 and 6 at    12.30pm till 1.00pm


Every Tuesdays and Thursday for Year 3 and 4 there is an ICT club at 12.30pm to 1.00pm 

Breakfast Club Policy

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